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From the Lyndhurst Garden Club
Building A Fairy Garden
February 2nd 2017

Original Release: 01/27/2017

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Program: Building a Fairy Garden.
Speaker: Sharyn Horvath of Bremec Garden Centers.
Date: Thursday, February 2nd 2017.
Time: Business meeting at 7:00 PM, Program at 8:00 PM.
Where: Lyndhurst Community Center, 1341 Parkview Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
From the Lyndhurst Garden Club - Building A Fairy Garden - February 2nd 2017 - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Description: Come and learn how to create your own a fairy garden. Sharyn Horvath will create a garden during the program, which will be raffled off to one of our members or guests.
Fairy gardens are miniature gardens that, with their small plants, houses, outdoor structures, and furnishings, give the illusion of tiny creatures living there. Fairy gardens can be any size or shape from the very small to larger, grander scenes at the base of a tree, under a shrub, tucked inside an old birdbath or peeking out from under the leaf of a prized plant.
For centuries mankind has been fascinated by legends of fairies. While concrete evidence of the existence of fairies is, naturally, rather hard to come by, adding fairy gardens to our landscapes is one charming way we can participate in this centuries old tradition.
Sharyn Horvath is a graduate of the Ohio State University Landscape Horticulture program. She has been employed in the nursery business since 1969. She works seasonally at Bremec Garden Centers leading workshops and classes on perennial and container gardening.
Come join us!
New members and guests are always welcome.

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