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From The Police Department
Released: 2/3/2014
The Lyndhurst Police Department welcomes our newest member, K9-Aries, a German Shepherd imported from Slovakia. His handler is Ptl. Kevin Crown. The purchase of Aries and his training and certification were funded by the Lyndhurst Police Department's federal law enforcement trust fund which consists largely of monies forfeited to the city in drug cases worked with federal law enforcement agencies. Aries' skills include tracking, handler protection and narcotics detection.
K9-Aries is an important part of our commitment to the local and regional battle against illegal drugs, a scourge that is often a cause of broken families, juvenile delinquency, burglaries, overdose deaths, violent crimes and murder in Northeast Ohio.
From our Patrol Division, K-9 Unit, and Detective Bureau, to the Hillcrest area's Suburban Police Anti-Crime Network Drug Enforcement Unit, the Lyndhurst Police Department takes a proactive and aggressive stance toward drug violations. Additionally we collaborate regularly with other law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels. Success, however, requires your collaboration. If you suspect illegal drug activity, report it as indicated below. You can express your concern by asking for a police report to be filed.
Call 9-1-1 for activity in progress.
Call (440) 442-1234 to report activity to the Lyndhurst Police Dept.
Call (216) 317-1101 to report activity directly to the narcotics unit.
Email to report activity to the narcotics unit.
You can report activity anonymously, but it is more helpful if you will give your name and telephone number in case other information is needed. Your name can be kept confidential if requested.
For more information about how you can help keep drugs out of our community, visit
Rick Porrello
Chief of Police

Information provided by: The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio