City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Civil Service Commission
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May 10, 2012: Civil Service Commission

Regular Meeting of the Civil Service Commission of the City of Lyndhurst, Thursday, May 10, 2012, at 8:30 a.m. Raymond Schmidlin, Chairman, presiding.
Commissioners: R D Patete, R. Schmidlin, R A Sweeney
Others: P T Murphy, Director of Law; C J White, Secretary
Approve minutes of the Regular Meeting held April 12, 2012.
Review ad for original appointment exam for patrolman.
Extend Original Appoint list for Patrolman (expires June 12, 2012)
Discuss educational incentives for original appointment in the Police Department.
Discuss necessity of the 15 additional points given for Ohio Peace Officers' Training.
May 10, 2012: Civil Service Commission

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