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Released: 2/16/2011
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Dear Neighbors,
As I sit down to write this letter on the first day of February, the National Weather Service is telling us to brace for a major winter storm... I can only hope that the severe weather passes over greater Cleveland and Lyndhurst, but just in case we have readied the snowplow, and salt trucks, our safety forces are on alert and we will be ready to assist our residents in any way we can. As always, we are ready.
The City of Lyndhurst has entered 2011 a bit battered from the economic downturn in the country, but in no means down for the count. I am pleased to say that a balanced budget will be presented to City Council, a budget that maintains the same levels of service and programs that we had in 2010. This is no small accomplishment, and one that the residents of Lyndhurst should be proud of. My administration and City Council has worked tirelessly to make sure that your tax monies are being spent on what is needed to keep Lyndhurst a vibrant, viable community. What does this mean for you? Well for one thing it maintains your property value in a housing market that has taken a beating. Statistically, homes in Lyndhurst have sold in a shorter time than homes in neighboring communities. Lyndhurst is a desirable place to live, work, raise a family and retire too.
Our department heads have all been working to obtain grants that are available to municipalities, in the first two months of 2011 we have already accepted two grants that will be used to provide an energy efficient chiller unit for the City Hall complex and skylights and a "green" roof for the Fire department apparatus room. There are many grants available out there and you can be assured that we will do all we can to obtain them.
I am also happy to report that our refuse/recycling program has been a huge success. Since the implementation of automated rubbish, our costs have gone down significantly. In 2008 we sent $970,151 to collect residents trash in the city. Last year we spent $629,219 this is around a 35% decrease. These decreases can be attributed to our automated single stream recycling program and our yard waste program that started last year. With automated recycling we have made it easier for residents to recycle more. This is due to the increased size of the container provided. Last year we were able to recycle 1500 tons of single steam recycling. The cost of this program has also been lowered by 30%. In addition we entered into a five year recycling contract with eleven other eastside communities. We are currently receiving a rebate of $30 per ton for the recycling we collect. This rebate allows us to further control costs and use less tax dollars to provide these necessary services. I urge you to participate in the recycling program if you don't already.
Work on the new Brainard Park Sprayground has begun and you can look forward to it opening in mid June 2011. This amenity will be a pleasant addition to our Pool, and playing fields in the City.
As we fast approach spring, I hope everyone has an opportunity to get out in their yards and neighborhoods to enjoy the many blessings we have here in our community.
Joseph M. Cicero, Jr.
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

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