From The Building Department
Released: 2/11/2011
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The Lyndhurst Building Department has been very pro active the past several years in responding to the fall out from the housing and mortgage crisis. There is no question that Lyndhurst has felt the pain associated with the issues this has left us to face.
On the negative side, we have had our share of foreclosures, abandoned property, and property in need of repair. Unemployment has been a major contributing factor. On the positive side, with the support of the Mayor and City Council, we have instituted programs and policies to help us meet our obligations in maintaining our community as a highly desirable place to live and raise a family. Truly a "Community of Neighbors." The policies that have been put in place are working. And we will continue to be proactive in implementing them as long as we need to do so. And when the crisis is finally, hopefully over, these programs will serve us well into the future.

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