From The Lyndhurst Municipal Court
Released: 9/6/2011
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Judge Mary Kaye Bozza wishes all the residents of this Jurisdiction a safe back to school season as they travel to and from work, school, religious or social activities, medical appointments, and family functions. There are some safety concerns that the Judge asks all drivers to keep in mind, which have been eloquently articulated by one of her defendants in court. With his permission Judge Bozza passes these words of wisdom to the readers:
All drivers must learn to drive safely but defensively, whether in a vehicle or on a motorcycle. Drivers are generally pre-occupied with demands of daily living, which involve their public as well as their personal interests. Many drivers suffer additional health concerns or carry the heavy emotion and physical burdens of caring for a loved one with illness or disability. Most adult drivers are cognizant of financial hardships due to the economic crisis facing the world today. All drivers can easily be distracted while operating a vehicle at any time due to weather conditions and construction on our roads and highways. Many concerns and conditions are beyond our control; however, most drivers can cope with life's challenges and can drive safely within the confines of the traffic laws without incident.
There are the drivers, however, who Judge Bozza's defendant calls the "fate testers". "Fate testers" act in a manner which divides their mental and physical attention from the duty of operating a vehicle in a reasonable and safe manner. These "fate testers" participate in texting, talking on cell phones, retrieving messages, social networking, smoking, grooming, putting on make-up, reading emails, eating and drinking. Sometimes the beverage is alcoholic, regardless of what the container looks like.
Some "fate testers" drive with other distractions like not signaling before changing lanes, slamming on brakes to stop after following a vehicle too closely, speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, going through red lights at intersections, making prohibited right or left turns, driving with too many children not in appropriate child seats and restraints, driving while arguing, driving while under the influence, driving with deafening music, driving with view obstructions, and lastly, driving while littering from a vehicle.
The "fate testers" are dangerous to themselves and others. Don't be a "fate tester". Be a courteous and safe driver. Judge Bozza welcomes anyone to be an observer of traffic court held Monday-Thursday at 8:30AM in the upper level courtroom. This educational experience will show many examples of "fate testers". It would be an excellent summer field trip for parents to require of their teenage drivers!
Judge Bozza continues to educate the community through her Make the Right Choice Programs, which are free, with lunch included. The next Men's is Friday September 16th, 2011 at 9:30AM which takes place at Lyndhurst Community Center on Parkview Drive.
For Information call Patti Anderson at 440 461-6500 extension 205.

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