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The Lyndhurst Police Department Detective Bureau is under the command of the Detective Lieutenant. At this time 2 additional officers are assigned to the Bureau. Additionally, patrol officers from the Patrol Division are assigned to the Bureau for training and procedure up-dates.

Some of the functions of the bureau are to review and follow up investigations, prepare cases for court, grand jury preparation and testimony, intelligence gathering, internal investigations of a criminal nature, evidence gathering/crime scene processing, witness/suspect interviews/interrogations, search warrants, drug investigations/raids, forfeiture proceedings, police auction, fingerprinting civilians working or living in the city. The Detective Bureau is also the custodian of all property turned in - lost/found and evidence.

On average, about 150 major crimes occur in the City per year. Major crimes consist of: homicide, kidnapping, sex crimes, robbery, burglary, arson, grand theft ($500 value or more), and auto theft.

Other cases investigated or reviewed average approximately 645/year. These include: assaults, petty thefts (under $500 value), forgery/frauds, receiving stolen property, drugs, property damage, family offenses (domestic violence), weapons, phone threats/harassment, mental situations, suicide/sudden deaths, missing persons/runaways, disorderly conduct, and curfew violations.

Tip Line:

If you suspect a crime is taking place in your neighborhood (i.e., drug dealing, child abuse, etc.), contact the Detective Bureau and give a detective the information. You can remain anonymous and help to keep your neighborhood safe! Call (440) 473-5116 ☎ and ask for the Detective Bureau.

Crime Prevention Tips:

Anyone needing any information on crime prevention is welcome to call the department and speak to a detective. We also speak to groups on crime prevention and safety.

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