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Live Long Lyndhurst is a Health and Wellness Partnership between the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio, Cleveland Clinic Community Outreach, Legacy Village, Cleveland Metroparks at Acacia, The Fedeli Group, the YMCA, South Euclid - Lyndhurst Schools, Second Sole, and Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.

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Menu: Departments / Fire Department - Visit the Departments / Fire Department section of the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio website.

Welcome to the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Fire Department

The sections of our department listed below are intended to provide you with an overview of Department operations and the services we provide.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Click on any of the links below to jump to a specific section.

Department Information & Contact:   


➜ Emergency:

9-1-1 ☎

➜ Non Emergency Fire Department:

(440) 473-5139

➜ Non Emergency Dispatch Center:

(440) 442-1234

➜ Fire Prevention:

(440) 442-3704


Lyndhurst Fire Department:
5301 Mayfield Road
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
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Responsibility for the overall operation of the Lyndhurst Fire Department falls upon the Fire Chief.

The Fire Department consists of three shifts of firefighters. Each shift works a twenty-four hour shift beginning at 8:00 AM each day. A shift is made up of a Shift Captain, Shift Lieutenant, and six firefighters. These shifts work a schedule of 24 hours on duty followed by 48 hours off duty. The station is manned twenty-four hours a day each day of the year including weekends and holidays. This schedule has been in effect since the mid- 1960's.

Each shift officer has an area of responsibility such as training, station maintenance, data processing, hose and hydrant maintenance and records, maintaining emergency medical service records and supplies, personnel records, etc. Our secretary, Clarice White, maintains a personnel timeline for the department and also makes sure that inspection reports and other records are entered into the computer system.

Correspondence and messages of a specific nature should be directed to the officer in charge of that area. General correspondence and questions about the department should be directed to the Fire Chief.

Annual Reports:   

2017 Annual Report Adobe PDF icon.
2013 Annual Report Adobe PDF icon.
2009 Annual Report Adobe PDF icon.
2008 Annual Report Adobe PDF icon.

Document Center:   


Application for Permit Adobe PDF icon.
Bonfire and Open Burning Permit Application Adobe PDF icon.
Filling Swimming Pool Permit Procedure Adobe PDF icon.
Fire Hydrant Use Permit Adobe PDF icon.
Food Truck Inspection Checklist Adobe PDF icon.
Smoke Detector Application Adobe PDF icon.
Tent Permit Application Adobe PDF icon.


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Fire And Safety Prevention:   

Fire Prevention Office:   

In the 1950's Lt. Dale Hogg became the first Fire Prevention Officer of the Lyndhurst Fire Department. He instituted many fire safety programs for schools, businesses, and the elderly residents of the City. His work almost a half century ago provided the base for today's Fire Prevention Office.

Since Lt. Hogg retired in 1974, the Office has been run by Captain Paul Kolsom, Captain Dick Danhoffer, Captain Mike DeLuca, Captain Ken Avram, Captain Mike Carroll, Captain Dave Holtz, Captain Dave Young and Captain Ryan Procop.

Today, Captain Jeff Fisher is the Fire Prevention Officer. In addition to inspecting businesses, churches, schools, and other places of assembly to ensure compliance with Fire Codes, Captain Fisher also inspects in-home day-cares and provides agency-required inspections for families who are adopting children.

Inspections are conducted on a regular basis and follow up inspections to monitor the compliance with any noted violations take place thirty days after the initial inspection.

Captain Fisher is also the coordinator of the Department's Public Education and Safety Programs. Anyone wishing to have a speaker from our department talk to their group should make arrangements through Captain Fisher.

Public Education and Associated Services

The Lyndhurst Fire Department extends its services to the community even in nonemergency situations. Community CPR classes are offered at the station about eight times each year. Call City Hall at (440) 442-5777 ☎ to find out the date of the next scheduled class.

Talks on first aid, fire safety, and related topics are given to various groups in the City by making arrangements with the Fire Prevention office.

A number of members of the department are certified Child Safety Seat Inspectors. Anyone needing to have a child safety seat checked for correct installation can call the Fire Department to make arrangements to come to the station and have the seat checked by one of our inspectors.


The Lynhurst Fire Department's Ambulance, a 1946 Cadillac, was used from 1954-1959, when a new unit was purchased.

The Lyndhurst Fire Department was formed in the early part of the 20th Century as a volunteer department. Carl Oltman, Jack Marnett, F.A. Rothgery, and George Frank were among the early fire Chiefs.

Long-time Chief William Kingzett ran the department from the 1941 through its transition to a full-time department, and into the 1970's when he retired and was replaced by Chief Steve Roth in 1973.

Chief Roth was instrumental in the formation of the first paramedic service in the Hillcrest area as well as the purchase of the Department's first aerial apparatus, a 1977 Sutphen. He also worked to increase the staffing of the department to seven firefighters per shift. Upon the retirement of Chief Roth in 1980, Captain Walt Munich performed the duties of Acting Chief until Joe Sweeney was promoted to Chief in 1981.

During Chief Sweeney's tenure as Chief two new Pierce fire engines were purchased, the Sutphen aerial was eventually replaced by a Pierce 100' aerial. Two fully equipped paramedic squads are also in service at all times. When Chief Sweeney retired in 1998 Chief Pat Murphy took over the reins. He was able to get the shift complement increased to eight men per shift and replaced a 1990 rescue squad with a newer model. The latest in fire technology, a thermal imaging camera, was purchased in 2001.

Early records show that the Lyndhurst Fire Department used to respond to less than 100 calls per year. That number has increased each year and now we respond to about 2500 calls per year. The types of calls we respond to include working structural and vehicle fires; grass, leaf, brush, and trash fires; service calls such as lock-outs and smoke detector checks; emergency medical calls; and false alarms.

Emergency medical services offered by the department have expanded from basic first aid and oxygen administration which was the norm in the 1950's , 60's, and 70's to cardiac monitoring, advanced airway management, and drug administration. The paramedics of the department are required to attend over eighty hours of continuing medical education over a three year period.

Technical rescue services such as high angle rescue, water rescue, trench and confined space rescue, and other specialty rescues are provided by the Eastside Technical Rescue Team.

Mutual Aid is given and received within the Hillcrest area and occasionally beyond.

Mission Statement:   

We dedicate our efforts to caring for the safety and welfare of the community through firefighting, rescue and emergency medical service. We strive to support the mission by subscribing to the following values:

➜ Integrity

Behave in a way consistent with professional and ethical standards, and department values. Remain open and honest, keeping commitments and taking personal responsibility for what we say and do. Earn trust and respect through honesty, fairness and competence.

➜ Professionalism

Be attentive of your appearance; it reflects your opinion of yourself and the department. Take care to present yourself in an organized manner at all times. Maintain a set of values, attitudes, and behaviors that result in serving the interests of the public before one's own.

➜ Teamwork

A commitment to shared vision and objectives, depending on one another, pulling together while sharing knowledge and learning. Create a sense of community and pride in how the department operates. Taking pride in our collective achievements and putting the department ahead of personal interests.

➜ Competence

Be committed to learning as much as possible about all aspects of the job. Be honest when evaluating your own limitations and work hard to overcome them.

➜ Respect

Treating others in the manner in which you wish to be treated will help foster a pleasant and productive work environment. Work hard to create an environment where everyone feels valued.


➜ Chief:

Michael J. Carroll

➜ Captains:

Nick Martin, EMT-P

Ryan Procop, EMT-P

Bruce Borthwick, EMT-P

Jeff Fisher, EMT-P,
Fire Prevention Officer

➜ Lieutenants:

Scott Maynor, EMT-P

Todd Drum, EMT-P

Brian Ford, EMT-P

➜ Firefighters / Medics:

Bob Mormino, EMT-P

Tony Iosue, EMT-P

Mark Tarnowski, EMT-P

Adam Bobinski, EMT-P


Dan Barnoski, EMT-P

Jim Ziska, EMT-P

Jeff Buehner, EMT-P

Dan Knoch, EMT-P

Pamela Paalman, EMT-P

Matthew Miller, EMT-P

Lee Schoch, EMT-P

Andy Grantham, EMT-P

Lance Malone, EMT-P

Richard Penicka, EMT-P

Derek Zaharewicz, EMT-P

Corey Finkler, EMT-P

Brendan Volker, EMT-P

John Coleman, EMT-P


The Lyndhurst Fire Department offers public safety programs. Contact the following individuals to discuss your particular need.

Community CPR Training

The Lyndhurst Fire Department conducts the AHA Heartsaver CPR Course. The courses are scheduled periodically throughout the year. The class date will be posted on the the City News Page when there is an upcoming class.

Pamela Paalman, EMT-P

Car Seat Installation

The Lyndhurst Fire Department has seat technicians to assist you in the installation of infant and child car seats. Appointments for installation are required.

Please call the fire station at (440) 473-5139 ☎ to schedule an appointment.

If our car seat technician is unavailable, you may also contact the following locations for car seat assistance:

A.) ➜ UH Ahuja Hospital Beachwood
(216) 844-2277 ☎ EXT 6

B.) ➜ UH Rainbows Babies & Children Hospital, Cleveland
(216) 844-2277

Knox Box Program

Knox boxes are lock boxes that only the Fire Department has access to should you need our assistance and can't get to your door.

The Lyndhurst Fire Department will provide a Knox box to senior residents of Lyndhurst who meet the criteria, i.e. live alone, over the age of 65, poor health, etc.

These boxes are available for a one time rental fee of $25.

Residents that don't meet the criteria but desire the peace of mind a Knox box provides can order a box through 🌐 or an application provided by the Fire Prevention Office.

Todd Drum, EMT-P

Smoke Detector Installation

The Lyndhurst Fire Department will assist residents over the age of 65 or the disabled with the installation of smoke detectors purchased by the resident.

Captain Ryan Procop, EMT-P

Smoke Detector Program
Offers Free Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Plus Installation
To Eligible Residents

Menu: Departments / Fire Department / Programs / Smoke Detector Installation - Visit the Departments / Fire Department / Programs / Smoke Detector Installation section of the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio website.

The Lyndhurst Fire Department Smoke Detector Program offers free Photoelectric Smoke Alarms plus installation to residents that meet the following criteria:

1.) ➜ Live in the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio.

2.) ➜ Own and occupy your home.

3.) ➜ Are A) 65 or older, B) On a fixed income, or C) Disabled.

4.) ➜ Agree to have a Home Safety Evaluation done by a Fire Department representative.


Smoke detectors are installed by on-duty firefighters on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, at no cost to the resident.

Applicants are asked to have a copy of a current utility bill (water, gas) along with a picture ID when they receive their smoke alarm(s).


The Lyndhurst Fire Department recommends that you have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home. Be sure your smoke alarms are near bedrooms and other sleeping areas in your home.

When to Replace:

Replace your smoke alarms every ten (10) years. If you don't know how old your smoke alarm is, or if it is ten (10) years old or older, replace it as soon as possible.

Smoke alarms save lives, but only if they are installed and working. The majority of fire fatalities occur in homes without working smoke alarms.

Application For Free Photoelectric Smoke Alarm plus Installation:

An Application For Free Photoelectric Smoke Alarm plus Installation can be obtained here, at the Lyndhurst Fire Department, or at the Lyndhurst Community Center.

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