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Live Long Lyndhurst is a Health and Wellness Partnership between the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio, Cleveland Clinic Community Outreach, Legacy Village, Cleveland Metroparks at Acacia, The Fedeli Group, the YMCA, South Euclid - Lyndhurst Schools, Second Sole, and Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.

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Menu: Departments / Finance Department - Visit the Departments  / Finance Department section of the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio website.

The sections of our department listed below are intended to provide you with an overview of Department operations and the services we provide.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Click on any of the links below to jump to a specific section.

Sections on this page:

Department Information & Contact:   


(440) 442-5777


(440) 442-1844


Lyndhurst Finance Department:
5301 Mayfield Road
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
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Hours of Operation:

➜ Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

➜ Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Finance Director:

Mary Kovalchik

City Financial Awards & Commendations:   

Ohio Auditor of State Award presented to the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio for the year 2014.
Ohio Auditor of State Award presented to the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio for the year 2015.
City Financial Awards & Commendations Archive

City Audited Financial Reports:   

Seal of the Auditor of the State of Ohio.

Ohio law requires audits of each public office. These audits help determine whether the government's financial statements are fairly presented and whether management has complied with significant laws and regulations. The City of Lyndhurst and the City of Lyndhurst CIC Annual Financial Audit Reports for 2001-2021 can be found on the Ohio Auditor of State Website as follows:

Ohio Treasurer Open Checkbook:   

Seal of the Treasurer of the State of Ohio.

The City of Lyndhurst is a responsible and trusted steward of taxpayer money. Lyndhurst embraces transparency and openly posts all government spending from 2011-2022 for each month to the Ohio Treasurers Open Checkbook website as follows:

City Financial Review Newsletters:   

The City's financial statements are produced in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The Auditor of State has issued an opinion that confirms compliance with these principles for the 2020 accounting year.

The 2020 Annual Financial Report is available for public inspection between the hours of 9:00AM and 4:00PM at the office of the Finance Director.

Additionally, the Audited Annual Financial Reports of the City of Lyndhurst can be viewed online at










Mission Statement:   

To protect and to enhance the fiscal integrity and efficient management of the city while maintaining citywide programs and initiatives.

The Finance Department is responsible for the accurate accounting of all receipts and disbursements of the City of Lyndhurst, representing the city in most financial matters and abiding by all laws governing proper municipal financial control.

The department records all assets and liabilities, keeps an accurate account of taxes and assessments, collects all monies for the city and makes all necessary disbursements on the city's behalf. In addition to accounts receivable and accounts payable, the Finance Department prepares payroll, processes purchase requisitions, and oversees fixed assets.

Municipal Income Tax:   

The municipal income tax rate is 2.0% on all wages and profits earned within the City limits.

Residents are allowed a credit of 50% of up to 2.0% of the taxable income.

The Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) collects and maintains the tax records for the city.

All municipal tax filings and any questions should be directed to R.I.T.A. at (800) 860-7482 ☎ or


Follow R.I.T.A. (Regional Income Tax Agency) on Twitter

In order to provide our members and taxpayers with up to date communication, the Agency has established a Twitter Account. We started to post "tweets" on Friday, March 13th. Please follow us on Twitter @RitaOhio.
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City of Lyndhurst Municipal Income Tax Returns Due by April 15th
City of Lyndhurst Municipal Income Tax Returns Due by April 15, 2015 File your City of Lyndhurst income tax return early. The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) e-Services offer a FREE, simple, and secure method to file and pay municipal taxes online through All residents of the City of Lyndhurst are required to file yearly Municipal Income Tax Returns by April 15. For tax forms or assistance, contact Regional Income Tax ...
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Real Estate Tax:   

The residential real estate tax rate is 150.92 for tax year 2021 collected in 2022.

The effective tax rate, which is the rate you pay after reduction is 91.88.

Additionally you receive 12.5% in rollbacks.

There are two simple ways to estimate the real estate tax paid in 2022.

Example: Home with a $150,000 Market Value

➜ Market value $150,000 x 35% = Assessed value $52,500 / 1,000 x effective rate 91.88 = $4,823.70 x 87.5% (after rollbacks) = $4,220.74 estimated tax per year.

➜ An easier method is to simply take the market value of your home $150,000 x 2.8709% (the percentage to market rate) = $4,306.35 estimated tax per year.

Based on the $4,306.35 estimate - Where do your real estate tax dollars go?

City of Lyndhurst:  


Pie graph showing the distribution of your Real Estate Tax Dollars.

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